Are the Robots coming to get Republicans?

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Is there a Great Conspiracy, a Conspiracy with a capital “C”? Is there a group of men and women who, behind the scenes, manipulate events for their own advantage?  Merely to ask the question is to be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”.

But why should “conspiracy theorist” be a pejorative term synonymous with “crank”? Aren’t conspiracies a field that merits study? Shouldn’t we be guided by evidence, not rhetoric? Why are conspiracy theorist dismissed with such contempt?

I answer this with my first blog post: Why are conspiracy theories dismissed with contempt? David Icke and Alex Jones.

The short answer is that most conspiracy theories are worthy of contempt. They sound crazy because they are crazy.  Read more:

Over the past four years, with the help of a certain now retired congressman, I’ve accumulated a mass of evidence that should convince any reasonable person that a capital “C” Conspiracy exists. There really is a small group of men and women who manipulate events to their own advantage. A recent manifestation of their activity is the “Great Recession” that supposedly started in 2008. In reality it was an engineered financial crash the foundations of which were laid starting in 1990s.

I shall be setting out the evidence in this blog. Wherever possible I shall provide clickable links to my sources. Failing that I shall provide references to reputable off-line sources. Some of the evidence I acquired from interviewing certain people who must remain anonymous. Obviously I cannot provide corroboration in these cases but there is enough open source material to convince any reasonable person that a capital “C” conspiracy exists.

To have an open mind is not to be gullible. As Carl Sagan reputedly said, “Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.” It is in that spirit that I am asking you to approach this blog.