If this blog is devoted to exposing The Great Conspiracy why call it The Great Bamboozle? Why not simply call it the Great Conspiracy?

The Oxford Dictionary gives two meanings to the word “bamboozle”. The first is a verb meaning “hoax”, “deceive”, “trick”, or “cheat”. The second is also a verb meaning “mystify” or “perplex”.

In a sense the Great Conspiracy is the Great Bamboozle. The Conspirators do hoax, deceive, trick and cheat the public. But they also mystify and perplex. To put it another way, their most potent weapon is befuddlement.

I can think of no word that better encapsulates what the Conspiracy is about. It’s both about deception and creating befuddlement.

And so, with apologies to the editors of the Oxford Dictionary I’m using “bamboozle” as a noun. The Great Conspiracy is the Great Bamboozle. The Conspirators’ strategy is to bamboozle us in both senses of the word. They cheat us by fooling us.

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