Catastrophic as the Great Recession was for many Americans and, indeed, for many people outside the US, it is important to understand that from the perspective of the Conspirators this was collateral damage. They did not intend to start a recession. Their goal was to engineer the greatest market collapse since 1929 from which they could profit. If one of the consequences of the crash was a recession that was of no concern to the Conspiracy.

Counter-intuitively the fastest, surest way to make tens of billions of dollars is during a crash provided, and this you should bear in mind at all times, you know when the crash will occur. When it comes to making money from a crash, timing is all.

I am not exaggerating when I talk of tens of billions. As I shall demonstrate the Conspirators made close to half a trillion from the crash.

But, to repeat a theme I shall be emphasising over and over, timing is all. It is not enough to know what will happen. To profit you need to know when.

Usually “when” is more difficult than “what”. The best way to know “when” is to engineer the crash yourself.

The planning for the great crash started in the 1990s. Now I am not suggesting that in the 1990s the Conspirators had foreknowledge that the crash would occur in 2008. The real world does not work that way.

What the Conspirators did was to set up conditions for a crash. And then they pulled the trigger.

It’s a bit like imploding a building. You may set it all up but the building remains standing until you depress the plunger. The only way things can go awry is if someone else presses the plunger before you’re ready. That nearly happened in 2008. The crash almost came before the Conspirators were ready.

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