Want to know how the Conspiracy operates? I mean how it really operates? Not the fantasy word of Alex Jones or David Icke.  Not Jeff Rense’s rubbish.

I mean do you want to see what happens in real life?

Then see The Big Short

The Big Short is a must see movie for everybody who wants to know how the Conspiracy operates.

The Big Short is not a documentary. It is in any case not possible to explain in a two hour movie something as complicated as the crash of 2008 and the origins of the Great Recession that cost so many people their livelihoods, their homes and, sometimes, their lives. It would take at least a TV series running for three seasons to do justice to the story.

However given the limitations of a two-hour movie the directors have done a brilliant job. The corruption that pervades Wall Street and the entire US financial system including the regulatory agencies is laid bare.

In only one respect would I fault the movie. They accuse the Wall Street operators of stupidity.

This is not true. Most Wall Street operators are not stupid. They are very smart. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were out to make money for themselves and they made it by the bucket load.

The “good guys” in the movie made tens of millions of dollars. A few cleared a couple of hundred million. This is true.

In real life the bad guys made hundreds of millions, in some cases billions, of dollars. And they’re still at it.

Now there is nothing wrong with making billions of dollars. I personally do not begrudge the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett their billions. But the folks on Wall Street made their money by ripping off you and me. And they did it with the connivance of the Government of the United States.

Not even Osama bin Laden dreamed of inflicting as much damage on Americans as the operators on Wall Street.  ISIS is a minor threat compared to the combination of Wall Street and the US Government.

And you know what makes this even more chilling?

Unlike Osama bin Laden and ISIS Wall Street operators did not intend to inflict any damage. They just didn’t care. If harming Americans was the path to riches then so be it. You, yes you, are collateral damage.

And that is the reality.

And this is the stuff Hilary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the rest won’t talk about.

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