The robots are coming. Actually, they’re already here. Technology is now a net destroyer of the sorts of jobs that average people can do.

Remember when giant warehouses were filled with people like, well, like drivers of forklift trucks. Here’s a video clip of an Amazon warehouse. Watch the robots in action.

There’s hardly a human in sight. Those that are there are performing routine jobs that will be automated out of existence within five years or less.

OK, so lots of people are going to lose their jobs to automation. But why Republicans? Why not Democrats as well?

I’m not sure but this from Nate Silver’s “fivethirtyeight” website:

Republican-Leaning Cities Are At Greater Risk Of Job Automation

Bottom line:

  • Cities that went for Romney in 2012 have a high proportion of jobs likely to be automated out of existence.
  • Cities that went for Obama in 2012 have a much lower proportion of jobs likely to be automated out of existence.

Why should this be? Why should cities that with a high proportion of jobs likely to be automated vote Republican while, conversely, cities with less vulnerable jobs vote Democrat?

I don’t know.

From the Fivethirtyeight article”

And automation — like other technological innovations — creates new jobs while making other jobs obsolete. Ultimately, the net effect of automation on employment is still up for debate.

I beg to differ. Yes, automation will create new jobs but they won’t be the sorts of jobs people with average capabilities can do. What is more many of the new jobs that are accessible to average people will be low skill, low wage jobs.

Over the last 30 years more well-paying jobs have been lost to automation than to imports from China or sending jobs offshore. That’s the real reason wages have been stagnant for four decades.

If you want to know more I recommend Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future by Martin Ford.

Mr Ford is an expert on artificial intelligence. Unlike the politicians who bombard us with nonsense this is a man who knows what he’s talking about.

Forget what the politicians say. Pay attention to what Ford says.

What’s in the technology pipeline is much more important than who enters the Oval Office on 20 January 2017. In fact it really hardly matters who becomes the next president.

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