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Are the Robots coming to get Republicans?

The robots are coming. Actually, they’re already here. Technology is now a net destroyer of the sorts of jobs that average people can do.

Remember when giant warehouses were filled with people like, well, like drivers of forklift trucks. Here’s a video clip of an Amazon warehouse. Watch the robots in action.

There’s hardly a human in sight. Those that are there are performing routine jobs that will be automated out of existence within five years or less. Continue reading “Are the Robots coming to get Republicans?”


Is “Islamic State” Practising an Aberrant Form of Islam? What would Muhammad Do?

It has become an article of faith among liberals and self-styled “progressives” that “Islamic State” is a perversion of Islam, that the “real” Islam is a “religion of peace”. When I call it an “article of faith” I mean that quite literally. They believe it, or purport to believe it, not merely in the absence of evidence but in the teeth of the evidence.

A perfect example of this self-righteous foolishness is the actor, Ben Afleck’s, attack on Sam Harris, the atheist author.

Continue reading “Is “Islamic State” Practising an Aberrant Form of Islam? What would Muhammad Do?”

Was Antonin Scalia a Hypocrite?

The late Judge Antonin Scalia is something of an icon among conservatives. Is this affection justified or was he, in fact, a hypocrite?

Judging  by his dissenting opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, the case in which the Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples had a right to marry, the answer is an emphatic “yes”. He was indeed a hypocrite. Continue reading “Was Antonin Scalia a Hypocrite?”

The World nearly ended on 25 January 1995

How should this influence your choice of candidate?

Here’s what happened.

On 25 January 1995 a team of Norwegian and American scientists launched a Black Brant XII sounding rocket from the Andøya Space Center off the coast of Norway. Their aim was to study the Aurora Borealis. They didn’t know it at the time but they nearly triggered a holocaust that could have caused the end of human civilisation. Continue reading “The World nearly ended on 25 January 1995”

Islamic State Wants to Use Chemical Weapons Against U.S. (Intelligence Chief)

MUNICH—The Islamic State terror network would like to launch a chemical weapons attack against the U.S., the top U.S. intelligence official said Friday, in the latest warning about the disturbing goals emanating from the group’s base in Iraq and Syria.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, speaking at an international security conference in Germany, said the Islamic State had already used “industrial chemicals” as weapons, most notably mustard gas, multiple times in the Middle East against adversaries.

(See: Islamic State Wants to Use Chemical Weapons Against U.S., Intelligence Chief Says, Wall Street Journal, 12 Feb 2016) Continue reading “Islamic State Wants to Use Chemical Weapons Against U.S. (Intelligence Chief)”

Did Osama bin Laden ever dream of doing this much damage to Americans?

Want to know how the Conspiracy operates? I mean how it really operates? Not the fantasy word of Alex Jones or David Icke.  Not Jeff Rense’s rubbish.

I mean do you want to see what happens in real life?

Then see The Big Short Continue reading “Did Osama bin Laden ever dream of doing this much damage to Americans?”

What does the Conspiracy think about Abortion?

They love it. Continue reading “What does the Conspiracy think about Abortion?”

Guns don’t kill. People kill. So should Jamie Dimon be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff?

Guns don’t kill. People kill. This is not so much a “truth” as a truism. The very rare freak accident aside, when one human being gets shot another human being is pulling the trigger. And when a human being uses a gun to commit a crime then it is the human being, not the gun, that is punished.

So what does that mean for Jamie Dimon? Continue reading “Guns don’t kill. People kill. So should Jamie Dimon be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff?”

Is Ted Cruz a Christian?

Remember the scene in the Sopranos where Tony Soprano strangles Ralph Cifaretto, a “rat”? Continue reading “Is Ted Cruz a Christian?”

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