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The Great Recession was Collateral Damage

Catastrophic as the Great Recession was for many Americans and, indeed, for many people outside the US, it is important to understand that from the perspective of the Conspirators this was collateral damage. They did not intend to start a recession. Their goal was to engineer the greatest market collapse since 1929 from which they could profit. If one of the consequences of the crash was a recession that was of no concern to the Conspiracy. Continue reading “The Great Recession was Collateral Damage”


The Great Recession – The View from 2008

Back in August 2008 Olivier Blanchard, the recently retired[1] Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund, published a much acclaimed paper, The State of Macro. It was a review of the state of macroeconomics[2]  (“Macro”).  At the bottom of page 2 the last sentence, apart from footnotes, reads:

The state of macro is good

Continue reading “The Great Recession – The View from 2008”

Where to Start?

I’ve traced the Conspiracy in its modern form back to 1901 in, of all places, South Africa. At the time South Africa was a part of the British Empire so it would be reasonable to say it started in the British Empire; however it is not a British Conspiracy. Very early on it acquired a global reach. Continue reading “Where to Start?”

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